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Click to enlargeShorter Gwen Fairy Style Dress

Brand new style! This is a shorter gypsy style fairy skirt. The Fairy Gwendolyn would be perfect as a gothic or fairy wedding dress. Light colors would be great as a wedding dress. We can do this in any one colors, or 2 colors. Stretchy velvet and lace. This has bra cups, straps, lacings in front and back, rose trim. Skirt is a double hanky 2 layer skirt, velvet with lace trim, and longer lace skirt. Sleeves have elastic at the top, and a double drop medieval or gothic style sleeve.

You can add the matching cape below. Just click the size closest to you, and custom for color. There are so many color options, we will just go over colors with you after you order and we will get your measurement info.

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