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Velvet Fantasy Renaissance Medieval Fairy Set with Cape~


This is a new style we are offering....We used to do this only as a one-of-a-kind type gown, but we are now offering the gown in a variety of crushed velvet colors. This will work for a theme wedding...this can go Renaissance Wedding Gown, Medieval Wedding Gown, Mardi Gras, Victorian, Gothic or Alternative Wedding Gown. Even has a fairy feel! THIS LISTING INCLUDES A BODICE, SKIRT AND DETACHABLE OVERSKIRTS. IT ALSO INCLUDES A LINED HOODED CAPE WITH TRIM. Trims are available in black, ivory, white, gold or silver. Velvet available in many colors, we can even dye white velvet a shade if you don't see it available.

This is shown with a hoop skirt underneath (not included- but available if you need one) You can wear it with a hoop, or an A-line type slip, or without a slip. Skirt is fuller towards the bottom, and has a slight train in back. The waistband is flat and fitted. The bodice laces down the back with grommets. Modesty panel will be inlcuded, so the top is adjustable. Elastic over the shoulders, wear on or off the shoulder. Bodice is boned, and lined in crepe back satin. Sleeves have an underlayer of lace, and the oversleeve has beautiful beaded fringe. Lace around the neckline also. Overskirt is a double layer, lace longer underlayer, shorter velvet overskirt, both are trimmed with venise lace of your choice. Hooks at waistline.

Makes a gorgeous renaissance faire queen type outfit, or a renaissance wedding gown, or a gothic wedding gown. We can do this in any size in red, black, white, ivory, sage, rose, red, burgundy, purple..etc. Jewelry is in our jewelry catagory. You can add a matching girls dress as well!

Beautiful new photos done by and modeled by Bad Charlotte.

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Jewelry set and girls dress also available.

We will customize your set for you! Larger applique shown on cream set below....smaller shown on red set. There are many trims to pick from. Above overskirts- back gothic trims, and black lace underskirt. Below, cream lace underskirt, black rose and long fringe trims. We have several trims to choose from! Trims also come in Ivory, White, Silver and Gold. No extra charge for appliques/trims around bottom skirt like the cream set. JEWELRY SETS AVAILABLE IN OUR JEWELRY CATAGORY. Discounts given for multiple purchases, like adding a jewelry set, or girls dress.

BELOW SEE MATCHING GIRLS DRESS! Purchase below. Jewelry set is also available below.

Cream/black set below shown without hoop skirt.

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Below see red and royal blue without the overskirts....

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