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Join our Facebook Page and Twitter at the bottom for announcements! Now is the time to get Halloween Gown orders in! We will be taking a limited number of custom orders this year, and the window for ordering will close soon. We will be offering inventory on gowns including the Elsa Frozen gown, Labyrinth, Mina and several others if you want to check in October...but if you want a custom gown, you need to get the order in very soon.

We offer our *own* line of custom gowns, and One-of-a-Kind gowns! Renaissance, Victorian, Marie Antoinette gowns, Rococo, 18th Century, etc.....perfect for theme weddings, SCA, Stage, Costumes and parties! E-mail questions anytime to

We carry many romantic medieval wedding gowns....bespoke, custom made for you.

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