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Join our Facebook Page and Twitter at the bottom for announcements! Note: We have not been able to update the website for a long time, just been too busy sewing! Going to start updating soon, so a lot of things will go bye-bye...some prices will go up, and we will be doing more in-stock items, cutting down a lot on customs. It will be a work in progress!

We offer unique and beautiful custom gowns for all kinds of occasions. Victorian Balls, Venice Carnivale, Gothic, Medieval, Marie Antoinette, Movie Gowns, Alternative Wedding Gowns, Upscale Halloween gowns…..Any gowns that are ready to ship are in the In-Stock category, others are custom made for you. E-mail questions to

Check out our In-Stock category for ready to ship items…below see our new grey/black Elizabethan gown! Shot by Shelby Robinson Artistry.

Below see our new images of our pink and red off-shoulder Antoinette gowns, and our emerald dragon brocade medieval set. Images by Shelby Robinson Artistry.

We offer our *own* line of custom gowns, and One-of-a-Kind gowns! Renaissance, Victorian, Marie Antoinette gowns, Rococo, 18th Century, etc.....perfect for theme weddings, SCA, Stage, Costumes and parties! E-mail questions anytime to

LAST CHANCE to order any of the stretchy gowns in the Medieval category: Gwendolyn , Lady Gwen, Fairy set, Fairy Dress, Artesia….these will become In-Stock items in the New Year….last chance this month to order any of them in custom sizes/colors.

NOTE: Our images are turning up all over the internet by companies that steal them. Every gown here has been made by us, if you see it offered anywhere else- that is not a gown made by us, that is a scammer company. They are on aliexpress, alibaba, ebay, etc…even on other websites. Buyer beware! We do not authorize the use of our images anywhere to anyone!

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