My name is Belinda, and I have personally sewn every item you see on this site.  I have been making gowns for 18+ years.  This is a very small boutique style business of unique and beautiful custom made gowns.  I will put policies and more details on a separate FAQ's page. 

Being pretty much a one-woman show, time is my most precious asset.  I am always super busy, working through a list of custom orders.  In-between orders I work on new styles, do photoshoots with a small group of trusted people I have worked with for many years, and handle my everyday life.  I am based in California with my husband, 15 year old daughter, a Chow and 3 cats.  I don't have much free time, but things I enjoy are the animals around my house....I feed a big variety of birds, squirrels, and cats.  I work from home mostly in my workshop attached to my house.  I do not have a physical location to visit, I do not have people to my house or publish my personal phone number.  I can be reached at any time at Belinda@romanticthreads.com

I started many years ago re-selling other peoples dresses and gowns, but have transitioned into selling only items I make/design.  The first gown I made was for my own wedding...I always loved theatrical and colorful gowns as well as gothic gowns.  In the very beginning I would make one-of-a-kind pieces and would sell them on Ebay.  I slowly started adding gowns for custom order, and it took off from there.  I have been so busy I am just now finally updating my website, and will work on my Pinterest folders where you can see tons of past gowns as well as customers.  Follow my Facebook and Instagram.and Tik-Tok for the latest photoshoots, etc.  I will update info here as time allows!

Custom gowns are a lot of work, but I have done hundreds and hundreds over the years- shipping all over the world.  Almost 1/2 of my orders are shipped internationally.  This year I will have to cut down a bit on custom orders so I can start to build inventory.  I would like to have inventory available to cut down on the wait time....as of now ready to ship items can be found in the In-Stock category.  Please note that our images are stolen and used all over the internet by scam companies, or companies making cheap versions.  If you see any of our images, please know that our gowns are only sold through us.