Romantic Threads Gowns

Who: Owner, seamstress, designer Belinda...born and raised in California.  Hand makes everything you see with a little help from husband Mark.

Where: Based out of Long Beach, California....selling gowns on-line only for around 15 years.

What: Unique Alternative wedding gowns, Victorian, Gothic, Fantasy, Marie Antoinette...gowns for parties, balls, venice carnival, halloween, upscale costumes, portraits/photoshoots, etc.



*How long does a gown take you to make:  I get asked this the most...there is no simple answer.  I am a very busy seamstress with orders always on the table.  Each order is different, and things ebb and flow.  Things that factor in to the wait time are- how many orders ahead of yours, how much time you have until your event, collecting of fabrics/laces/trims for your gown, time of year you order...some times of the year are slower, some times are extremely busy like around Sept/October.  It's better to send a question with the gown you like, and the date you need it by....and then I can give a better answer.  Rush orders are sometimes available (for extra charge, and shipping), depending on the current workload and what gown you are after, if I have the fabrics already, etc.

*Can I meet/call/come for a fitting:  Sorry, no...I am strictly an on-line business.  I have been fitting people over the internet for so many years...I am very good at fitting.  It is extremely rare that someone will even need to adjust/alter a custom fitting gown...except maybe a hem.  Usually no extra work is needed.  If I get something wrong, I am happy to fix the problem.  I do not do progress photos, I do not talk on the phone...I do everything via e-mail, as it keeps a written record of details and info that I need.  Best way to contact is via e-mail, if for some reason you are not answered in a reasonable time frame, I do not have a secretary and occasionally might miss one- just send another.


*Do you do mens/childrens/jewelry:  as of now, no.  In the future I might make inventory on mens frock coats/jackets...on occasion I may do inventory on jewelry to have available to add to a gown order.  I have stopped making custom jewelry, too time consuming.


*Do you rent gowns:  No, I do not rent gowns out.  Gowns get damaged, gowns are expensive to ship...and right now, most everything is custom made anyway.  I do offer sample and in-stock items at a discount...gently worn for my own photoshoots.


*Do you do cosplay gowns, or gowns from ideas/drawings:  I do not, just due to the time-frame involved.  In the old days, I took just about any order...this was a mistake.  Now I stick to what I know, I cannot change my designs around too much and I can't afford the time it takes to make a specific cosplay gown or idea from a sketch.  This is extremely time consuming, and I could literally make 10-20 gowns in the time it might take to make something different that than what I know.  That takes researching patterns, fabrics, details...and I can no longer afford this type of order.

*Can you copy this gown: No....certain designers have their own style they have developed for years, and I will not make "lower" cost versions of them.  Artists should be respected for their individual style, and if you want their style you should definitely invest and order from them personally.  Also, please don't think you can order a $100 imitation from designer images off of these scam website....it will not end well.

*Can I send gowns to models/photographers:  I work with a small handful of trusted people that I am very happy with.  I have credits on the site for their images.  I always am behind in photoshoots I want to do/plan with these people...so I really don't venture too far out of the group.  Gowns are hard to shoot, and I can't afford the time for disappointments, expensive shipping, wrinkles in photos, gowns damaged, etc.  I no longer do that.  It would have to be an exceptional photographer/model for me to give it a try.

*Do you take returns/offer refunds:  No, a lot of work and time is involved in talking with a customer, purchasing fabrics...and making the custom gown for them.  Once an order is in, I do not give refunds for any reason...i.e. cancelled wedding, accident, etc.  Please do not order until you are sure you are ready, and don't keep gown shopping after you have put an order in.  If there is any problem with a gown order, I can fix any reasonable thing.  When I start to build inventory, I will then offer and exchange policy.  I want everyone to be happy.


I am easy to get along with and friendly with customers...please know if you are ordering from a custom gown site that is small, then you have to be patient and work with the ebbs and flow of the business. I try to give updates as best as I can, usually they are approx. dates.  Please know, I can never give an exact day that a gown will ship....until the gown is done.  I also will not have updates until I am working on your gown. 

This year I will be working on more In-stock and ready to ship items....that way people who are not wanting to wait can order something that is ready to go!